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Brewing Gratitude: Part 1

It's been hard this year, really hard. Recently I had a conversation with a friend where I confided, "I am so down. I can't shake it." Her reply, "We all are, girl. It's been a crazy year."

So I sit with it—this anxiety- this blah feeling. And as I sit with it, I recognize that it is there for a purpose. However, I am also prone to staying in this state, so when I hear a timid whisper say, "You can't just sit here forever, you are going to have to move," I know it's time to do something.

If I let it, the blahs will silence that little piece of motivation that is whispering to me, and I will spiral into the rabbit hole of despair, no joke. Just plain honestly here. Luckily through a lot of inner work, I know the baby steps I must take to crawl out of this hole. And it starts with a daily mantra, "All I have to take is one move in the opposite direction. That's it." Small steps to reclaim my spirit.

Over the next few days, I will explain in-depth my Reclaim My Spirit Practices. Feel free to click on them if they are highlighted. As for now, here is just the list of what I do. They are baby steps that, when taken, allow other spirit reclaiming practices to follow.

Reclaim My Spirit Practices
I shut off all social media for an extended period of time.
I make a list daily of the things that went well for the day.
I do an act of service.
I plunge myself into creativity.
I get the hell outside.

I'd love to hear what you do. Leave a comment below.

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