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Accountability, Goal Setting

I can’t do it.  I really can’t do it.  Yes you can!!!!! 

So your goals are set.  You are committed to making them happen!  You’ve even marked your plan on your calendar.  You are ready to go.  (Virtual high five!)

What if I tell you to STOP RIGHT THERE.

What if I tell you there is one more piece you need to add to this whole accomplishing your goals think…  You need accountability.

Account-a- what?

You need a buddy or a group of people to report into about what you’ve accomplished!


Not only do studies and really smart people report that a person has an 80% better chance of accomplishing a goal with a buddy, but it’s really easy NOT to get out of bed and NOT do what you say you are going to do if no-one knows.   Telling others your goals and then having to report to them daily makes YOU show up.  At first you show up for them, to not let them down.  But eventually you start showing up for yourself and you make sure you don’t let YOURself down. 

Having buddies will keep you from entering pit holes.  They’ll give you feed back, and will cheer you on.  Heck, you might even motivate them to do something similar ... accomplishing goals is contagious.

Finding a buddy or group is a personal thing.  Facebook groups are a great place to look.  I tend to start my own groups asking  my personal friends if they want to join me.  This past summer, a group of 15 of us did weekly health challenges (think: drinking 8 glasses of water each day, or eating more veggies.)  We even did a 30 day exercise challenge.  These people motivated me.  I couldn’t let them or myself down.

If groups aren’t your thing, what about texting someone you trust? Just one person.  My bff and I wanted to take a break from drinking.  So everyday we just texted if we didn’t drink, “Day 1.” The next day, “Day 2,” and so on.

To whom you are accountable to is up to you.  You can do anything you put your mind to, and it’s totally ok to ‘have a little help from your friends.’

How do you stay accountable? 

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  • angela on

    Years ago I had a friend I walked with every morning. We both got out of bed at 5 am because we knew the other was waiting. Accountability partners work!

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