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Behind the Name of Handbrewed Soaps

Eric and I have been doing this Handbrewed business officially since 2013 (the idea started in 2011.) We knew that we wanted to create something that combined both of our passions, his passion for brewing, and my passion for handcrafting. So we did what many business partners and married couples do, we combined the name to Handbrewed.

 Little did we know that this was going to become a way of life for us. Like the items we were creating, we started paying attention to the 'life ingredients' we were using in our lives. You know, noticing what stuff makes you happy, pissed off or anywhere in between? We observed what was working for us, and what wasn't. We started playing around with these ingredients, adding a little more of this and a dash of that. We started living handbrewed.

When you live handbrewed, you know you are a collection of ingredients that make you-you. By embracing and honoring those traits, you brew your BEST life. You might even kick the 'life' recipe that everyone else is using to the curb and start brewing your own.

 It's not that living handbrewed is intentionally living outside the mold; it just doesn't make sense not to be true to yourself. 

 Our soaps aren't about making soap that appeals to everyone. We figured that "everyone" probably had enough personal care products already, so we could make something important to us: soap that reminds you to Brew Your Best Life. #livehandbrewed 

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