Beer Soap and Wine Soap Coming To A Town Near YOU! March 13, 2017 00:00

Local Shops that carry Handbrewed Soaps Beer Soap and Wine Soap

Can’t find beer soap or wine soap in any local stores near you?  Well, hold up! Handbrewed Soaps would like to introduce three stores that have joined the Handbrewed Soaps Wholesale Family.  

Meet Clever Element based out of Carlsbad, CA.  This shop started because the boss lady Andreea strongly believes in the power of opportunity- opportunity for artists, both locally and around the world, to self-sustain through their craft, and to grow and share their passion with the world. Her store provides this opportunity by welcoming in artists from California to artisan co-ops from India, Guatemala, Romania, Nepal and more. 

Meet HYDEN YOO out of Venice, CA!  Hyden Yoo is the creative head of his namesake label since 2008.   The Hyden Yoo Brand is known for subtle detailing, clean lines, with special attention to fit and fabric at accessible price-points. 

And last but not least, meet Feather Boutique out of  Senoia, Georgia.  Where Shabby Chic meets Country Couture, this store is described as the best western boutique in town.

So, Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!  If you live in these areas, go mosey on over and say hi. While you’re at it, support these awesome stores by buying something… Mother’s and Father’s Day are around the corner! 😘  Find other stores near you by clicking HERE!