Conical Fermenter Review for the Homebrewer - Our New Toy

Conical Fermenter Review for the Homebrewer - Our New Toy

Conical Fermenter Handbrewed Soaps

I recently purchased a plastic conical fermenter. Conical fermenters are used to minimize the amount of time it takes to transfer beer from primary fermentation to secondary fermentation and then into a keg/ bottle. By the switch of a valve you can go between primary to secondary, and by attaching a half-inch hose to the bottom, you can bottle directly from the conical. So what does this mean in the long run? Fewer steps, especially in the syphoning and sanitation arena!

I’m hoping to save time on brewing beer for Handbrewed Soaps. I’m hoping this system will help me quickly brew on the weeknights without having to use so much equipment, and will save me some time by eliminating the primary and secondary transfer and all the sanitation that is needed for these additional steps.

 Thoughts on the conical after the first use:

Things I Love:

  • Eliminates a lot of equipment

  • Eliminates the need to sanitize said equipment

  • Has a thermal well to attach thermometer

  • Knocks off at least two hours of sanitizing and transfer time

  • I can brew more beer very quickly!

  • Bottling and Kegging have never been so easy!

 Things I need to learn more about:

Blow off valve: The conical vessel holds 7.9 gallons. It is said that you don’t need a blow off valve for our 5 gallons of beer. Had we not put a blow off valve on it (just incase) we would have had a HUGE mess on our hands. We need to experiment with how much beer we can put in there without needing the blow off hose.

Lid Leakage: Our lid leaked and I had read something online about a break in the seal. I'm not sure if that's something I need to do or if I need to look into adding some food safe silicone lubricant over by the seal for the top lid

Plastic Limitation: The last thing that is kind of a dislike but it's one of the limitations of plastic in general was that you can't scratch it. When you create scratches on the inside you're creating little pockets for bacteria to grow.

 Overall Review After The First Use: This is a really nice fermenter. I really like the fact that I don't have additional cleaning, sanitizing, or racking from primary to secondary and then into a keg. I really like the fact it has minimized my time to perform both of those tasks. So, in the long run it's going to save me time AND money!

Looking forward to sharing more as I continue to use it. I would love to hear any tips you have about conical fermenters!


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