North Coast Brewing Company Beer Soap

North Coast Brewing Company Beer Soap

North Coast Brewing Company Mark Ruedrich Doug Moody

Eric and I were first introduced to North Coast Brewing Company through a local pub that us teachers frequented on Friday nights back in 2004. North Coast’s Blue Star Wheat was our ‘staple’ on those occasions. We often pondered where this mystery brewery was (most of us used maps or had to PRINT out directions to go anywhere back then! It was archaic times!) Thinking the bartender would know, we asked if he knew where North Coast Brewing Company was located. All we got was a smart-ass replied of, “ Probably on the NORTH COAST!”

About a year later, Eric and I took a road trip up north during our spring break. Our goal of this trip was to see how far north we could get during our spring break before we had to turn around to go back to our classrooms. On day one of our trip, we rolled through Mendocino and entered Fort Bragg. We were extremely hungry and needed to find a place to eat. As we drove through town, we discovered North Coast Brewing Company. It was as if we had found the Holy Land. We gave each other high fives and hugs. We took pictures (on a disposable camera!!!) of us in front of their sign. We had to prove to our friends that we had found it! Then as we entered their brewpub, the nicest people in the whole entire world greeted us. There are no words to explain our experience that day in their pub. Let’s just say we didn’t end up continuing on our journey north, as we wound up staying in Fort Bragg for three days.

Since then, we’ve made annual trips there for the Fourth of July, Paul Bunyan Days, or just for whatever. So it was an honor that on our latest trip, Eric and I got to meet Mark and design beer soap for him. We currently make five beer soaps for North Coast Brewing Company that you can only get at their brewery, bottle shop, or website. We make soap out of Old Rasputin, Puck, The Pranqster, Le Merle, and Brother Thelonious. We hope the soaps remind you of the first few sips of their beer, and just how cool North Coast Brewing Company is!

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