Meet the Team Behind Handbrewed Soaps

Handbrewed Soaps is a family operation! As we have expanded, we've enlisted more family members and friends to help! As they say, to raise a business, it takes a village!

Beer Brewmaster: Eric Swihart: The talent behind the homebrewed beer.  When he's not brewing, you can find him teaching middle school band and orchestra here in Oakland!   Eric enjoys the outdoors, playing with his kids, and playing in his band Night Sky Mind. He is also the mastermind behind many of our slogans, video ideas, and other Handbrewed Soaps shenanigans!

 Soap Brewmaster: Alyson Swihart:  That's me!  I'm the soap maker!! When I'm not making soap or any soap related activity, you can find me hiking, hangin' with the kids, or gardening.  As a former 4th and 5th grade teacher and an advocate of music education, I am a cofounder of a non-profit, Music Is First.  This organization bring music and literacy programs to public schools.  It's a pretty cool gig!                                           

Assistant Brewer- Fred Noel:  That's my dad!  He's the brains behind the expansion.  He's always into making things bigger.  For example: he's the dad that when you say you want a dog as a child, he thinks Mastiff or Great Dane when you ment a Yorkie. Or as a child you want to decorate the outside of the house for Christmas, he's the Dad that makes a bigger than life size wooden Santa Claus to stand on your lawn, when you were thinking maybe just some lights on the porch. So, he's built bigger soap molds, a soap studio, and now helps make soap as I get bigger in my pregnancy.

Soap wrapper extraordinaire/ Daytime child overseer- Donna Noel:  That's my Mom!  Without her, soap production would slow WAY down! She watches the kids when soap needs to be made! And she's the person that wraps the majority of the soap! She is such a master of soap wrapping, that she goes into a zen like state reciting the mantra, "Peel, Wrap, Stick."



Soap testers- My kids:  They are the ones who are first to wash their hands with a newly made batch of soap! They are also marketing managers as I often find videos on my ipad that they have made talking about Handbrewed Soaps: See recent video.

Promotion Guru- Friends, Family, You!  These are the people that have answered the call when we needed help with running a booth at a festival, needing homebrew because we have run out, mentioned us on social media, walked into stores and have talked to retail owners about our products both here in California and out of state.  Most importantly, it's the users of Handbrewed Soaps that enjoy and give feedback to what we do!! Thanks for all you do!


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