5 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Wedding

5 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Wedding

5 ways to incorporate beer into your wedding

You love each other, and you love beer!  So why not combine them on your wedding day?  Here are some fun ways to do it:

1)   Invitations: Think coasters, beer bottle labels

2)   Venue: Get married in or have your reception in a brewery! Better yet, create your own beer garden! Hey Oaklanders, Ale Industries rents out their brewery!

3)   Bouquets / Boutonnieres:  Hops are a great addition to any bouquets or boutonniere.  Try adding some wisps of grain as well!

4)   Gifts: Give your wedding party (or all of your guests) something they can use for weeks to come... beer soap (of course I had to plug them)!  We even make custom labels!  You can buy them in quantities of 26, 50 or 100!

5)   Honeymoon:  Go where the beer is!  Oregon is a great place to go. I mean isn’t there a brewery on every street corner? Well at least in Bend, Oregon there is.  And there’s plenty of hop fields to visit as well!

Let us know how you incorporate beer into your wedding!


Photo Credit:  celebration society

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