3 Amazing Benefits of Taking a Break From Booze!

3 Amazing Benefits of Taking a Break From Booze!

taking a break from booze

Taking a break from booze doesn’t only put money back into your pocketbook, it also does wonders for your body. The most noticeable benefits include:

1. Say Goodbye to Hangovers
Within a few days, you’ll notice you’ll emerge from the fog. You’ll be more focused and have a better memory.

2. Watch the pounds drop off:
Cutting back on alcohol means less caloric intake. Not only are you not drinking the 150 calories per boozy drink, but you are not disgesting the junk food we tend to eat when our inhibitions are down as we drink socially or bing.

3. Mental Health Improves:
Alcohol enhances sleep deprivation, mood swings, anxiety and depression and if you suffered any of these things prior to drinking, the alcohol could make these characteristics even worse. By taking a break, you will see an improvement in these areas.

What other benefits are you noticing?

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