2 Tread Brewing:  A Great Santa Rosa Brewing Company

2 Tread Brewing: A Great Santa Rosa Brewing Company


This past month, our family stumbled on a great brewery in Santa Rosa: Two Tread Brewing Co. Honestly, we were heading that way to get a pint of ‘Pliny the Younger’ from Russian River Brewing (a limited release that is only available for two weeks in February.)

As we drove into town, we passed Two Tread Brewing Company “Hey, we should go...”  We decided to table it as we were focused on scoring some ‘Younger’.

As we approached Russian River Brewing, our stomachs sank. The line to get in was halfway around the block.  With three hungry kids, no one would have patience to wait in that line.

Without skipping a beat, both Eric and I said, “Two Tread Brewing here we come!” It’s a funny moment when you recognize that you have grown.  We normally would have been disappointed.  And though we were, it wasn’t that shitty reaction we normally would have had.  We had to do what was good for our team, which meant we had to be flexible and go with it.  And because of our new found attitude, we discovered a fun, kid friendly brewery!

Two Tread Brewing Company’s layout is awesome!  It has a lovely beer garden as well as a huge indoor seating area. This meant, the kids could play with the numerous games they had: Rope game and keg-hole while the adults could relax a bit (think corn-hole but using kegs.  Genius!!!)


Food was mighty good.  My fav was the Sweet Potato Tatter Tots. I also had the Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad.  The Cobb Salad looked amazing too (my mom had that!) And Eric raved about the Pulled Pork.  The kids chowed on the chicken strips and burger. There were no complaints from them!


The beer was hoppy, like I LOVE it.  We all had the Experimental IPA #2. We didn’t have a chance to taste anything else due to our limited time.


 Our team at Handbrewed Soaps (Eric and I), give Two Tread Brewing Company 4 stars for their brewed beer and a rating of 4.5 stars for the overall experience!  (See our rating system standards!) So if you're in the area, go check them out. 

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