Handbrewedsoaps Logo  Bathtub BeerWhen you first think of the bathtub and soap you kind of go, “Yea right! Soap gets you clean so of course they have a bathtub for a logo.” But that wasn't exactly what we were going for. OUR bathtub stands for ‘bad-ass-ness’, innovation, and a ‘sock it to the man’ attitude!!! We’re not a pamper yourself kind of soap company; we’re a get your hands dirty, DIY kind of people. We find solutions and ‘work arounds’ when we are told you can’t do something.

Our logo pays homage to the original innovators, ‘the forefathers and foremothers’ of the liquor movement. They were the innovators of the Prohibition Era  (otherwise know as bootleggers) that brewed beer, wine, whiskey, and gin in their bathtubs.

The bathtub had two important rolls in the Prohibition Era. Many times water was added to grain alcohol to produce liquor. The bottles that needed to be filled with water were often too big to be filled from the kitchen sink; so many bootleggers used the bathtub tap. As bootleggers grew their operations, the bathtub was used to mix grain alcohol, flavoring, and water. The bathtub was one of the biggest vessels large enough to make brew for consumer demands, but created a small enough operation to go undetected by law enforcement.

Though Prohibition ended on December 5, 1933, brewing homebrew beer didn't actually become legal until 1978. This law's basically says that any person can legally ferment 200 gallons of beer or wine each year tax-free! Cheers to US!

So there you have it! We aren’t just your average soap company, with a bathtub as a logo… We are Handbrewed Soaps… a soap company that honors those that think outside the box, that understands the importance of getting good beer out to the masses, and the importance of getting clean after a dirty job!  Cheers!

Keep a look out for our Famous Bootlegger Series!

(Photo credit goes to our awesome friend Shamir! Thanks for letting us use your picture!)