Alyson Swihart Brewing Up a Business

Running your own business and watching children at the same time definitely DO NOT go hand-in-hand. However, many of us business owners do because we are BADASSES. The reality is that by the end of the day, we are frustrated because we did not accomplish our work goals or we did not spend quality time with our children. So I want to let you in on a few ‘creative’ secrets I use to get the quality time I need for both my business and my children.

1) PANDORA RADIO IS YOUR FRIEND! Turn on the ‘Kids Bop’ station on Pandora and throw a dance party for your hellions… I mean angels. Quickly run to your bathroom (or any other place that you have a lock on the door) and lock yourself inside. Post a picture of your product or service on Instagram and don't forget to link it back to your website. Most importantly, make sure you are not publishing a picture of you sitting on the toilet trying to do said task.
2) SCAVENGER HUNTS AREN'T JUST FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES! Have the kids go on a scavenger hunt either inside your house or preferably outside in the backyard. While they are searching for anything (think pinecones, pieces of paper, picking up the dog poop) whatever they are searching for, this is YOUR TIME to blog. You can write it on the computer or dictate it into your phone (that’s how I got this post written.) When I’m done talking into my phone, I send the dictation to myself via email for editing/posting on my blog.

3) MATH IS EVERYWHERE! Have your children help count your inventory and then graph it on a piece of paper. It is a friggin’ awesome math lesson and for toddlers they're learning how to count 1 – 30. Inventory is a mundane task that you have to do anyway, so why not include them in the family business.
4) BECOME A HUMAN BALANCE BEAM FOR YOUR KIDS! If you're lifting a lot of boxes like I am, have your kids walk on your back. Lie on the ground and then have your kids (depending on their size) walk on your back and your calves. It provides a massage for you and provides them with the fine motor skill of balance.
5) SKETCH IT OUT! If your kids like to do art, have them draw a design that THEY think your business should have. For example, I gave my daughter the assignment of drawing the new box for our wine soaps (something I’ve been brainstorming for months.) Not only did this keep her busy for a good 20 minutes, but she sparked the idea of using organza bags instead of boxes. (Nice one Ayla!)

If all else fails, and nothing got done (business /kids), it's OK to crack open the wine and have a whole bag of chocolate chips. Shoot, I just did this the other night and it was well worth it!
Hope these sparked ideas for you. I’d love to hear your tips… I’m always looking for some! Cheers

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