Our Wine Soaps Have a New Look

Wine Soap Handbrewed SoapsThe time is here: The launch of our wine soap! 

“But you already have wine soap, so what gives?” you might be thinking.

Yes, you are right, but they have a completely new look!

 I’ve been AGONIZING about rebranding our wine soaps for the past year. I’ve been struggling with finding the right scent and look for these soaps. About 6 months ago, with the help of many “testers,” I was able to hone in on the right scent. But the packaging wasn’t 'poppin’ for me. I was using our tried and true cigar bands that all of our soaps have been wrapped in at some point. I decided to keep them that way until I figured it out. Then about two months ago… it all came together.

 I was surfing the world wide web for wine, and I found a REALLY cool stock photo of a wine stain from the bottom of a glass. “THAT’S IT!” I yelled out. Immediately I sent the idea to the coolest graphic designer, Julie from Urban Bird Design, and we figured out how to wrap these babies!

 So may I present our ‘newest’ additions to Handbrewed Soaps. Please meet Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and Pinot Noir!


SIDE NOTE: You can find them on our website or at these local locations: Hatch and Modern Mouse. If you want them at a store near you (so that you don’t have to pay shipping) ask a store to carry our soaps!

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