The Practice of Journaling: Detoxify Your Mind

Alyson Swihart Clarity Journaling Mind Detox

For the past year, I wake up at 5:30 am to participate in the sacred art of writing. Sometimes it's on my computer. Sometimes it's in one of my numerous spiral notebooks. Somedays, I have a lot to say. Sometimes, I have nothing. On those days, I write lists: gratitude lists, lists about the qualities of my favorite people, travel lists, and bucket lists.

I perceive this time as just for me. It's as if I'm the only one up, that I'm stealing a slice of time just for myself. When I don't write, I am not me. I become impatient, I become short with people.

Writing is a way to detoxify my mind. It allows me to work through situations, dream of the future, and most importantly, hear my own voice, my truth.

Take the time to write. Claim it as yours. You won't be disappointed.

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