How Are You Doing Sheltering In Place?

Alyson Swihart

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster this past week.  On Monday, my vibe was,“This is scary, yet somewhat fun.” On Wednesday I was completely overwhelm, so I locked myself in my room for the entire afternoon.  By Friday, I was accepting that this is our new normal.

We all have a different story about how this is playing out.  Whether you lost your job, are balancing work and homeschool, are postponing a celebration (wedding, vacation, coffee with a friend), or are on the front lines of this without a mask.  How do we navigate this?  How do we brew our best lives during a pandemic? The only piece of advice  I can offer you my friend, is to take it Day By Day.

Everyday I wake up and ask myself what I need on an emotional and spiritual level. Then I move on to what my family needs?  I set limits on my exposure to the News, and I make sure to go outside every afternoon.  I call friends, and laugh as much as I can. Then, before I go to bed, I ask myself what went well and what I need to do differently for the next day. 

There is no road map here.  This is what I do.  What do you do, to brew your best life during this time? Hit the reply button. I really want to know!


NOTE: This stock photo from PEXEL says it all.  Can't you relate?

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