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Brew Your Best Life, What does Value mean to you?

'Where you invest your love, you invest your life.'

This Mumford and Sons quote is the first thing I think about when the word VALUE is mentioned.  What you value is where you put your love and unltimately your life.

As someone who is 'Brewing My Best Life,' I've realized I have come accustom to ‘valuing others opinions and possessions' over my own.    I might even value the newest product, or keeping up with the Jones.  I worry about the mom’s judgment over our parenting methods any how many likes I have on Instagram.  Can I get an 'Amen" here?

I think our society ‘should's' and ‘could's’ ourselves to death based on others opinions and thoughts. We value ourselves based on what the media and society believe should be valued.  As a result, we get confused, upset, and angry because internally we know there is something wrong, something not right within us. There is always that voice inside us that is asking, "Do you really want this, do you really want to be doing this?" Ultimately, we don’t listen to it, as if OUR voice is not to be trusted. 

Eventually, after doing this for years, we come to a crossroad.  We either allow that internal battle to rage and we numb our self with alcohol or food or shopping ( a social accepted value) which ultimately drives us deeper into our own abyss.  Sometimes, the struggle comes to a head and we recognize it’s so painful to stay this way, that we HAVE TO CHANGE.  We have to love ourselves, we have to listen to our wants,  we have to, as James Baldwin says:

" I will no longer turn away from myself, but be authentically me, the way I was made. I will listen to myself, prioritize and follow what is most dear to me with no concern for others opinions."

So let’s stop.  Lets turn off distractions and turn into the silence.  Let’s start listening and reconnecting with ourselves, and the universe.  Let’s explore what we really value, what we truly love and where we want to put our life.  There is no time for the other nonsense, because you are valued, you are loved, and you are made to be more. It’s time to Awake Our Souls. And of course I have to leave you with this:

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