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What’s Up With Sober Soaps When You Make Beer Soap?

Recently, Eric and I celebrated two years of sobriety and a year and a half of the creation of Sober Soaps.  So, I thought I’d take a second to explain a little about Sober Soaps. 

As you might know, from past blog posts and Instagram posts I really struggled with how I can ethically run a soap company that promotes alcohol, when we are sober.  Should I get rid of the beer soap?  Should I stop soaping and do something else? Doesn’t it have to be all of nothing?

I actually still struggle with this as friends and family know.  I have had (and still do) many conversations with them about this. From these conversations, this is how our mission of our soap company has pivoted. We have begun to take the focus off the beverages and putting it on the multi meaning of the word ‘brew.’ 

‘Brew’ is defined as combining various ingredients to get a unique blend.  If we substituted the word ingredients for choices, brewing becomes a way of life.

Every second of the day we make choices that can either positively or negatively affect our moods, health, relationships, personal growth (you get the point).  These choices make life AMAZING, blah, exciting, overwhelming etc.  So, if we believe we are the Master Brewers of our own life, that we can choose what choice / ‘ingredients’ to add or subtract on a daily basis,  we can create our best lives. 

More importantly, we don’t have to live in the all or nothing mindset.  Some ingredients are good for some, and not for others.  So, we don’t need to make harsh decisions that eliminate or exclude anything.  We can lovingly choose to bring in positive ingredients in our lives and let the ones we define as negative alone.  We don’t have to shun them, we just don’t have to choose them.

By using the definition above,  this new way of looking at brew made me see that I can brew up sobriety, as well as brew up beer and wine.  We all have a different relationship with alcohol.  Some are fine with it, others aren’t. I get to choose if I want to drink it based on what is best for me. There is no judgement here.  By simply asking, “Is this going to be a good choice for me?” I’ve brewed my best life.

In conclusion, if sobriety and drinking can live side by side, so can my soaps. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, and I don’t have to be so ridged about it.  

 I’d love to hear your thoughts!