the beginning of recovery,recovery, sober story, my relationship with alcohol

Welcome To My Sobriety Story

recovery, sober story, my relationship with alcohol

Thank you for being here. This is my story.  My vulnerable story. Welcome.

This journey started on August 25 with my last drink. Actually, it was more like Oct of 2017 when I had a 'breakthrough', in my kitchen, curled up on the floor, wailing.  My life had become unmanageable. I made some immediate drastic changes like quitting my 9-5 day job and jumping head first into this soap business.  I also got really into my health.  I worked out every day and dropped 10 pounds.  I was looking pretty good if I say so myself, but, I still had a deep sense of anxiety.  I was angry with my husband and kids, I was confused about me- I wanted something more.  My husband was going through something similar (but that's his story to tell).  We decided to go to couples counseling in June 2018. That's when we were introduced to the idea, that maybe we drank too much. Of course, we completely disagreed with this 'absurd' suggestion.  But we definitely 'noted' it.  We both subconsciously paid attention to our moods, our interaction with others during and after drinking etc.

It was on August 24 that I took my last drink. As my entry in my journal stated that night,

"I'm going sober. I'm done.  I'm tired of being compromised.  I'm compromising myself, my kids, my husband, everything.  I'm ready to do what it takes to 'brew a different path.'"

And so it began. Recovery, whatever that means. All I know is that I need to tell my story.