brainwashed coffee

Coffee That Supports the Addiction Recovery Community

As you may of heard, Sober Soaps has teamed up with Brainwashed Coffee, a coffee company whose mission is to give 50% of their profits back into the recovery community.  Think it sounds a little like Sober Soaps mission?  Well, that's why we think they are so cool.

I wanted to share a little about their mission and hope it inspires you to go to their website and buy some of their coffee.  

In their words: "We’re a mission-first company – the reason we exist is to help support those struggling with addiction – but make no mistake, we’re also passionate about coffee. Having spent countless meetings with a coffee in hand, we know that great coffee often leads to meaningful conversation, which is why each batch of Brainwashed Coffee is roasted with incredible care to bring out the unique characteristics of every single bean. With coffee that’s deliberately sourced from a variety of small farms across the world, our aim is to highlight the uniqueness and value inherent in every bean, every region, and every individual. You can feel confident in supporting Brainwashed Coffee because not only are you helping those in need, you can be assured of a truly great cup of coffee."