Three Tips To A Successful Trade Show

Three Tips To A Successful Trade Show

three tips to a successful Trade Show

I’m so giving myself a pat on the back, I just completed my first Industry Trade Show!  

Last weekend I showed our work at the Bay Area Indie Market.  It’s the only trade show currently in the Bay Area as the SF Gift Show closed about three years ago.  Which meant for me, if I wanted to attend a Trade show I was going to have to travel to either LA, Seattle, Dallas or New York.  Luckily, a company saw the need and a new trade show has emerged in our area, called the Bay Area Indie Market!  

This was a three day-er, close to my home, and a reasonably priced show that would be a perfect way to learn the game of a wholesale show.

My three big take aways:

  1. If you’ve always wanted to do a Trade Show, just do it. It’s not so different that vending at the Farmer’s Market, except maybe the pricing. So change out your retail pricing for wholesale.

  2. Showcase your best, not you’re all - Buyers want to see your best sellers. Bring and showcase just those. You don’t want your buyer to get the spaghetti sauce syndrome “there are so many choices, so I’m just going to walk away and NOT get any spaghetti sauce!”

  3. Make Friends - Trade Shows aren’t necessarily about quick sales. They are also about making relationships! And sometimes, these relationship may or may not turn out to be a sale later down the road. So, get out of that chair and off your phone! Look people in the eye, and say “Hi!” as they pass. Exchange cards with those that stopped at your display because they were so mesmerized by your product. GET SOCIAL PEOPLE!

So there you have it, some of what I learned.  I’m thinking of doing a series of posts detailing specifics about a trade show.  Please comment below if you would find that helpful!


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