3 Reasons Why A Blog Is Important To A Small Business

3 Reasons Why A Blog Is Important To A Small Business

3 Reasons to Blog

Today marks the beginning of another 30 -Day Blog Challenge. I did one last year (didn’t finish, but I WILL this year!), and learned so much. If you are looking for a fun summer challenge such as this one, I recommend joining the group of us that is doing this. The group is called Blog Your Brand. It is an affiliate of the Indie Business Network. It’s free to join, and you get tons of support. You even get prizes along the way (and who doesn’t like prizes?) Each post has to be a minimum of 300 words, you share your blogs on various social media platforms, and read some of the great posts others are doing. It’s a lot of fun and definitely a lot of work, but you learn a lot! Here are 3 things I’ve learned from last years 30-day blog challenge about why blogging is important to any small business:

  • Blogging Helps You Discover Your Voice- If you are anything like me, you may be hesitant to share on social media. By blogging however, the more I wrote, the more I learned how to tell a story. And the more I wrote, the more my confidence increased. As a result, I became less ‘afraid’ to share things on social media and telling my story became easier and easier.

  • Blogging Increases Traffic To Your Website (AKA MARKETING!!!)- The more new content you add to your website, the higher your rankings go up on browsers which ultimately ‘up’s’ the all important SEO! Hence, your website becomes more visible and translates into more visits and brand awareness.

  • Blogging Helps Find Your Tribe – Blog posts are a great way to show what you are about. You can share behind the scenes, the day in the life, tutorials etc. As you share your blog on various social media platforms, those that are interested in it will engage with you by leaving comments, sharing your posts etc. By their engagement, you can REALLY see what your target audience is interested in. Blog posts that aren’t as engaging, help you realize they might not be interested in that topic and you can rethink if future posts on similar topics are necessary.

So as I start another 30-Day Blog Challenge, I look forward to not only finishing it this time, but having fun while I continue learning about myself, my business, and my audience. To me, this exercise is like reading a book for the second or third time… I’m gaining a new perspective every time I do this!

How has blogging helped your small business?

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